Mr. Jean-Yann RIVIERE, France

The amount of information to be included in the CISSP training is greatly facilitated by the upstream work of the trainer (course support at the top!). The explanations are clear and the trainer does not hesitate to return to the points that could possibly leave some people on the edge of the road and this despite the use of time.I appreciated the trainer's pedagogy, his enthusiasm, his sympathy and his passion for safety. It was a great week! Thank you.

    Mr. Nicolas ROUSSET, France

I followed the CISSP preparation training with Mr. Ben Hamida in June 2009. Hafedh taught us the Common Body of Knowledge with a great sense of pedagogy and a contagious enthusiasm thanks to his leadership and his incredible knowledge and experience in the security area! As a great coach, he helped us focusing on the key aspects of the training in order to get certified and the key factors of success to become a CISSP as well. He trained us, not only technical knowledge but also, pschological and physical conditions to pass this difficult exam.

    Mr. Julien STENOU, FRANCE

I really appreciated the 5 days of CISSP preparation with a huge synthesis of the important points of the two reference books CISSP, allowing to effectively deal in 5 days of preparation all the perimeter of the 10 CBK and to save a lot of time of revision. The small group allowed a lot of interactivity and exchanges and, despite a very dense program, we managed to treat everything in a good atmosphere.

    Mr. Alisoa RAZAFITSARA, Madagascar

Your training in cyber security was very interesting, you had demonstrated how important computer security is. The content of the training was both practical and convincing, your way of transferring cyber security skills was very remarkable, so all participants were sincerely satisfied with your course.