Complying with government and industry regulations is a major concern for IT managers across the board. IT managers are now bound by law to store, backup, encrypt, secure and protect their confidential data, and demonstrate that they are doing this satisfactorily by following specific guidelines and well-tuned methodologies.

Compliance, with all these best practices, is one of the most daunting challenges that chief information security officers face. Many regulations require organizations to develop, document, and implement comprehensive information-security policies and practices to deal with security threats that concern several governmental entities and businesses alike.

Knowing that IT security managers are devoting an increasing amount of time and resources to comply with these guidelines, IT-SECURE has developed specific templates for its Security Compliance software suite. The four templates tackle access control, audit and accountability, configuration management, and identification and authentication.

Automating the IT security-auditing process for these organizations is required to submit security-related systems assessments annually to the board of directors. These templates produce reports for security managers that indicate their IT systems' level of compliance and ways in which they can improve their compliance scores.

In this context, IT-Secure provide a mature, stable and unified approach that satisfies organizational and compliance needs to fit seamlessly into organizations of any size.

Currently, we ensure compliancy with the following standards :  

  • ISO 27001
  • ISO 22301
  • ISO 20000
  • US National Security     Agency  – NSA